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Round 2: Lyrical Joe & Amerado loose their cool in latest round of diss tracks to each other!

Ghana and Vawulence! Lol. Who go win this round?

We broke the news of the commencement of one of the most fiercest rap battles to ever go down in the history of Ghana Music between Amerado & Lyrical Joe and we present to an updated version.

Lyrical Joe has clapped back at Amerado, four days after he released a two-in-one diss track – ‘Kyidom’ – targeting himself, Obibini and Kofi Mole.

Lyrical Joe has explained why he failed to immediately respond to the rapper’s jabs on the occasion of his birthday.

The lyrical battle brewing between the two young rappers is anticipated to grow into a wild fire as Amerado, hours after Joe released his diss track ‘Baboon’, threatened to hit the studio and address the shots fired at his brand.

Apparently he did and is out with his diss track to Lyrical Joe barely 2 hours after LJ dropped Baboon.

Amerado titled his Ponky Joe though we think Monkey Joe would have been a better fit because of the Baboon & Monkey thing going on here…. catch the drift? lol!

Already, music lovers are rooting for the beef, which they say is good for the local rap industry.

Announcing the release of ‘Baboon’, rapper Lyrical did not cut corners but took to his Twitter page to tag his former friend, now his rival, in a post.

“#baboon And oh @Amerado_Burner, we can go as looooong as you want us to go!,” the rapper tweeted on August 9.

Reacting to the ongoing rap battle, tweeps on Tuesday morning gave credit to Lyrical Joe for matching up to Amerado in the track that was broken down into English and Twi languages.

Ei this Vawulence dier Lyrical Joe vs Amerado.???????? as two of my paddies dey beef dier I just go sit the fence top then watch them ????????continue! pic.twitter.com/WQAEvzrmCI
— KALYJAY (@gyaigyimii) August 9, 2022

Herh Lyrical Joe!!! My goodness!!
— Kwadwo Sheldon (@kwadwosheldon) August 9, 2022

Amerado had only 12 hours to reply to Lyrical joe. ????????????????????vawulence
— Dr.Sneaker Nyame???????????????? (@SneakerNyame_) August 9, 2022

I checked Amerado’s status and saw this – how do you see Lyrical Joe’s Come back at Amerado?? It took him only 2days to reply pic.twitter.com/JTz2amKgBZ
— CLINTON ???????????? (@LilMoGh) August 9, 2022

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