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AY Poyoo questions Titus Glover following Wizkid & Bawumia juxtaposing comment

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Ghana’s biggest comic rap G.O.A.T, AY Poyoo has reacted to news of a minister of state metaphorically positioning him, in a statement on Bawumia, as the worst artiste to have ever emerged out of the nation.

When Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, the National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for Tamale Central graced TV3’s Midday earlier this week, he hammered that the vice president, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia who is touted as an ‘economic Wizkid’ has now diminished to an ‘economic AY Poyooyo’ due to the nation’s current hardship under their party’s leadership.

“In the scheme of things, Wizkid is higher than Poyooyo. So, what I am saying is Dr. Bawumia, when his wife described him as an economic Wizkid, he is no longer an economic Wizkid, he is an economic Poyooyo. It is not derogatory…he is economic Poyooyo, no apologies,” the MP declared.

The NDC MP’s belittling of Dr Bawumia by comparing him to Ghanaian musician, AY Poyoo has attracted a response from the ‘Goat’ singer who doubles as a comic act.

On November 17, Poyoo whom the MP nicknamed Poyooyo took to his Facebook page to address the statement that came out as a mockery of his brand. According to him, he doesn’t take to heart Mr Murtala Mohammed’s comparison adding that his example was just a joke.

“Just so you know, I am not offended by what Honourable Murtala said. Obviously, I am a comic rapper and comedy is always a “Joke”. He feels the Economy is laughable or a joke, and using my name or my artistic area to describe the Vice President’s performance, is his projection or point of view.”

Meanwhile, AY Poyoo called out Titus Glover, Member of Parliament of Tema East, who felt insulted just because Mr Mutala compared the Vice President to him on the show.

The young musician questioned why Mr Glover was appalled by the mention of his name. A rather disappointed Poyoo added that the Tema East MP could have been pleased if the comparison was with an international artiste.

In parts of his Facebook post read, he hammered his achievement and how he has been able to build a solid brand with “organic fans across the globe”.

“The other Honourable however was pissed as if I am the worse thing to happen to Ghana. He seems disgusted at the mention of my name and I think that is offensive to me.

“That is very disrespectful and heartbreaking. The fact that I do comedy music, doesn’t make me a useless musician. I have the most original and organic fans across the globe. I don’t fake stats.

“One thing that makes me sad is, Honourable was happy about the Wizkid comparison. Meaning there is NO ARTIST in Ghana with that quality when it comes to music?” AY Poyoo quizzed.

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