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Shatta Wale scolds Sarkodie over Samini issue; says he got great respect for forerunners despite beefs

Following an online attack by Samini on Sarkodie, Shatta Wale has waded in to set records straight in favor of Samini who has called the rapper fake and disrespectful.

Samini in a tweet last week Monday while responding to a fan said he was never going to work with Sarkodie henceforth According to Samini, Sarkodie refused to reply to his messages after their earlier chats about a feature.

After sending him the songs, he revealed that Sarkodie stopped replying to his messages. Samini said he felt disrespected.

Sarkodie however responded to the comment on a Hitz FM interview on Tuesday saying Samini’s utterances must have come from a “certain place” for which he would need more details.

“Him feeling like that, I don’t have any control over that. I can only say sorry about how he feels, not necessarily because I agree with everything he is saying, but because that’s how he feels,” Sarkodie indicated

Shatta Wale however is among few Ghanaians who think Sarkodie could have responded better than the way he did.

According to Shatta, Samini is Sarkodie’s ‘father’ who pave the way for him and it will always be like that adding that Sark must therefore not forget that and give him that due respect.

Shatta Wale who was speaking in a Facebook Live session on Saturday, January 28 was not happy with how Sarkodie keeps ignoring artists who once supported him in the past.

“How can Samini and Sarkodie be fighting? Samini and Sarkodie shouldn’t be fighting but ask yourself why? Right now Sarkodie feels like he has the people so he has forgotten about Samini.

“Hey Sarkodie, Samini be your father, forever and ever. Hey Sarkodie, Samini be your legend, icon, superstar forever and ever. Forget everything, I have a beef with him but even with that, I give him respect. Forget yourself, nonsense!” he said.

Shatta added that he was displeased with the turn of events at Hitz FM when Samini was called on the phone during Sarkodie’s interview with Andy Dosty.

He noted that Sarkodie should have accorded Samini respect by shutting up to hear him speak instead of defending his action.

Shatta added: “He (Samini) is talking to you on the radio as your father…you see what fame can cause? You guys play with everything…Samini is the guy that when he is speaking on radio, you have to shut up and listen because he has been on that forkin journey. The road he (Samini) has cleared for some of us to enjoy mustn’t be taken for granted. It is very nonsense and stupid something. It is not your fault but those 12 people in the music industry.”

Earlier dancehall musician, Samini called out his colleague Sarkodie for been ungrateful’, ‘disrespectful and fake after a Twitter user had asked Samini if there was ever a chance of him hitting the studio with Sarkodie again.

According to Samini, he is no longer has intentions of working with rapper Sarkodie on a song following the disrespect from his colleague.

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