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Prince Hakeem Matthews: Unveiling Ghana’s Reigning VGMA Best Instrumentalist

The 24th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) witnessed a momentous occasion on the 21st of June, World Music Day, as Prince Hakeem Matthews, was awarded the prestigious title of Best Instrumentalist.

The honor came as a fitting recognition of his exceptional talent and hard work as a versatile musician and producer. The event, held at the esteemed La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, marked a night of celebration and recognition of outstanding musical achievements in Ghana’s thriving music industry.

The Journey So far:

Hakeem, which means Wiseman, given him by his pastor, began his musical journey long before he was even born. Growing up with a mother who was a choir director, his passion for music started in the womb, attending choir practices from a tender age.

His curiosity and attraction to various aspects of music, including singing and playing various instruments, were evident from an early age. It was no surprise that he requested his first keyboard, setting the stage for his lifelong dedication to music.

A Love for Music and Instruments:

Hakeem’s passion for music deepened with time, and his love for various instruments began to flourish. He exhibited immense talent as a keyboardist, guitarist, and producer, gaining recognition within his church and school communities.

From playing in church choirs to being involved in various musical events, Hakeem’s dedication to his craft was undeniable.

Embracing the Informal Route:

Despite not having formal training in music, Hakim embraced the informal route, learning from experienced musicians and mentors.

His determination and talent led him to play for multiple churches and renowned gospel artists like Joe Mettle and Becky Bonnie. This exposure and experience allowed him to grow and refine his skills as an instrumentalist.

Challenges and Perseverance:

Like any aspiring musician, Hakeem faced challenges along the way. Balancing his musical pursuits with a long commute from his home in Tema to Accra, where most of the music opportunities were, was demanding.

However, his perseverance, dedication, and the support of his family and mentors kept him going.

Recognition and Awards:

Hakeem’s hard work and talent did not go unnoticed, and he received several awards and accolades for his exceptional instrumental prowess.

Notably, in 2019, he won the Contemporary Gospel Music Awards for Best Instrumentalist, setting the stage for more recognition and success in the future.

A Message to Aspiring Musicians:

In his own words, Hakeem encourages aspiring musicians to have a strong relationship with God and seek to impact lives through their music.

Consistency, dedication, and continuous learning are key attributes he emphasizes, along with seeking guidance from mentors and engaging in prayer.

A New Beginning:

Winning the Best Instrumentalist award at the 24th VGMA is a testament to Hakeem’s exceptional musical journey and dedication to his craft.

As he humbly accepts this accolade, he sees it as a new beginning rather than the culmination of his efforts. Prince Hakeem Mattews is excited about the future and plans to explore other aspects of music, including songwriting and singing.


As the 24th VGMA National Music Business Summit celebrated World Music Day, Prince Hakeem Matthews, shone brightly as he was crowned Best Instrumentalist.

His journey from a young music enthusiast to an award-winning musician and producer is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and faith.

Ghana’s music industry has gained a true gem in Hakeem, and we can only expect greater achievements and musical wonders from him in the years to come.

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