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Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled Calls for Apology from Shatta Wale Over Disparaging Remarks – Full Details HERE!

Will he ever retract and apologize?

The Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled has issued a stern demand for a retraction and an apology from dancehall artiste Shatta Wale following derogatory comments made against his industry colleague Stonebwoy.

During a recent concert, Shatta Wale was captured pausing his performance to take aim at Stonebwoy, mocking him and referring to him as a “cripple.”

In a statement released on Monday, April 15, 2024, the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled condemned Shatta Wale’s remarks as primitive and called for immediate action.

“In the said video, Shatta Wale said among other statements ‘you are a bad person that is why God made you a disabled person, you are a disabled person, donโ€™t try and fight an able person.’ By this statement, he is implying that all persons with disabilities are inherently bad, which is both offensive and unacceptable,” the statement read.

The Society emphasized that such behavior violates Ghana’s constitution and the Disability Act 715, and called on Shatta Wale to retract his statement, remove the video from social media, and extend an apology to all persons with disabilities and Ghanaians at large.

Official Press Release from the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled

“We want to remind Shatta Wale that a section of his own fans, who contribute to his success, are persons with disabilities. Did he consider how they would feel? Or does he believe he is beyond accountability now that he has achieved fame?” the statement continued.

The Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled urged Shatta Wale to recognize the impact of his words and take responsibility for his actions, emphasizing the importance of promoting inclusivity and respect for all individuals.

The group’s demand for an apology highlights the need for greater sensitivity and awareness regarding disability rights in Ghana, and serves as a reminder of the responsibility that public figures hold in shaping societal attitudes.

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