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Event Review: Frenzied performances at Accra Is Connected concert

The week long Social Media Week Accra came to a fitting close on Friday with the Accra Is Connected concert.

The 2 hours plus Accra Is Connected concert featured standout music acts that are making huge impressions on the Ghana social media world.

The unannounced acts that even graced the event stage gave the crowd electrifying moments to take away from the Accra Mall food court. Cina Soul was the first of the listed to perform. The Lolonye singer performed her Awo piece to raves from the audience.

She came on stage told her story and had the crowd asking for the next chapter of her book. Super talent she is. Fresh off releasing his newest song Don’t Do It, hip-hop act Kula was the next in line. The crowd pleaser did his usual thing with his wonderful stage works.

CJ Biggerman gave some ground stomping performance that charged up the crowd. He moved the crowd exciting levels further up. Exciting scenes it was I tell you. When Kwesi Arthur was introduced on stage the charged up crowd was eager to hear their favourite song from him. The man didn’t hesitate.

Seconds into performing his Prekese song he paused, took his shirt off and thumbed off to Grind Day. The atmosphere was charged! The crowd responded in likewise fashion. The rains began to set in but no one, not even one person moved an inch from the concert venue.

The Accra Mall food court was rocking. Then B4Bonah was introduced, my, the venue was on fire. The Dear God singer rapped off his hit tune to a crowd who sang the song word-for-word. I tell you something was happening. It came as little surprise when the event venue started to trend on Twitter.

Come on it’s the social media week, social media updates  had to be made. Vodafone’s free Wi-Fi at the venue got everyone covered. Sweet!

Underground act Short Boy graced the stage perform Pappy Kojo sent the voltages into higher figures. The Makoma rapper had the stage blacked out for his Aye Late entry.

There was delirium everywhere. Realer Nu followed and then Makoma. In between the performance Pappy Kojo cunningly got on stage a lady named Nana Ama to dance on stage to his song Nana Ama. It was some sweet stuff to watch and fully enjoyable too.

The event was now at its end with just one more artist left. The anticipation was growing when his name was mentioned but no one could’ve guessed who he was coming on stage with. Galloping onto the stage was Joey B in his now trademark cowboy hat performing to his hit Sunshine song.

The crowd asked for more and he continued with Ranger. Now the audience knew Darko was not billed to perform so when he grabbed the microphone and jumped on stage, the crowd went ecstatic.

Darko did his Tomorrow tune to the crowd’s delight but still one song was missing. Darko wasted no time in asking DJ Vyrosky to drop Mercy. Mercy me, mercy me!

The song turned into an anthem for the revellers as DJ Vyrosky fittingly ended the week long Social Media Week Accra with a SMWiAccra party.

Event Review

VENUE - 6.4



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