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Album Review: Flame by Rosel Pomaney

In a bid to break the seeming hegemony of Afrobeats dominated Ghanaian music industry, Rosel Pomaney’s Flame takes you on a soul filled journey during which you experience all the emotional rollercoasters attached to the one thing that the human cannot control, love.

Flame is a 10-track album that Rosel fully uses to announce herself to the Ghanaian music consumer.

Having to sit through this 34-minute album would be one of the best choices you would make if your search s for good music that will soothe your ears.

Starting off with a melodious fusion of Ewe and English backed by wonderful instruments and supreme vocal presence, the chorus for ‘With You’ sticks with you for the entire 3.30minutes of the song.

Fading out to Loving Day after singing about going anywhere with her love, Rosel Pomaney catches you unawares by heavy bass giving you a 1980’s pop feel to it.

This song expresses the songwriter’s desire to be with her lover by “living the day and loving the day with you”.

Not to leave out the revelers, Rosel Pomaney included a carnival song exuding the brilliance of local Ghanaian instruments titled ‘Sing’.

Still lip singing “onana” to the previous song, Rosel continues the love theme of Flame with the groovy ‘Lorlornye’. Appealing and rhythmic, Lorlornye stands outs in its own right as the topmost song on this album.

Piano and drums on ‘Take Me As I Am’ is given the life with Rosel’s defining vocal performance on this song. With the chorus sang in mostly Ewe, Where Are You matches the topmost solo performances you will ever hear.

Allowing the instruments take the back seat on this to give prominence to Rosel’s voice, her presence on ‘Where Are You’ will leave you repeating it.

The storyline on ‘Don’t Leave Me’(A piece that will be sought after in years to come) will give you memories of French-American singer Celine Dion’s all coming back to me now.

If I love you is all you can say to him/her, track number 8 is yours. ‘All I Can Say’ switches from its low tempo start into a higher tempo midway through the song whilst still keeping your ear glued to it.

Stunningly following in 9th is ‘Piece Of My Heart’, a song on which Rosel sings soulfully passionate with backing guitar strings.

The last song on Flame typifies what the whole album is about. The goodbye themed song, ‘The Letter’, is a wonderful piece beautifully bringing attention to the author of this whole album.

Rosel gives a final powerful performance leaving you with nothing but wonderful memories that would let the name of the artiste stick with you for some time, if not all the time.

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