Tip Tahir, the zongo blowman

The Ghanaian music industry is growing at a steady pace. Every year we unearth talented individuals who try their best to put Ghana on the same pedestal with other countries such as Nigeria and South Africa.

The industry is beginning to understand the business aspect of the art and this makes it extremely hard for some budding artists because very few get invested in. Despite all the challenges that exist, Tahiru Issah known in the music scene as, Tip Tahir is making efforts to prove he is the real ‘Zongo Blowman’.

Born in Kanda, Tip Tahir is among the rising hip-hop soldiers the country has been blessed with. He lived in Accra until 2009, when he left for the UK. Tip Tahir said this in a response to why he decided to return to pursue his dream of becoming one of Africa`s finest music acts “the grass is not always greener on the other side, sometimes. Besides I feel safer here in Ghana.”

The Nima based artist started music during his Junior High School days. The Hausa rapper has been recording and building his career ever since. He is quite versatile and is able to maneuver himself around any type of genre as well.

One thing that separates Tip Tahir from a lot of rappers is his use of the Hausa language to par with English. Coming from a heterogeneous community, it is always a wise business decision to sing and rap in the language that majority of the people. His command over both languages, English and Hausa, is evident in his latest single ‘Kwaana’.

Before you listen to ‘Kwaana’ read what he had to say. “If you listen to other rappers before you get to listen to me, you would be disappointed because they lack originality. The way I use the Hausa is a different vibe all together and there are other people trying to sound the same but they`re not able to”, he said.

In 2008, he recorded his first single titled ‘Rockstar’. Today, he has collaborations with artists including Stonebwoy, Edem, Dex Kwesi, Ghalileo, Kwaw Kesse, , Ghetto Kid and MoQid. More was to come his way when he performed at the Ghana Music Awards Festival nominees jam.

The Hausa-rap-lord holds a certificate in Broadcast Journalism from Rabodef Radio Academy where he was trained by one of Ghana`s ace broadcasters; Tommy Annan-Forson after his tertiary education at Knustford University College in East Legon. Speaking about role models, Tip Tahir mentioned 2 PAC, Biggie and Papoose.

Tip Tahir is currently working on releasing his first E.P. ‘ABSTRA-X’ by the end of 2017. “Even though I am just trying to express my creative prowess and also to launch myself officially, the E.P is a just a glimpse of what I am bringing on board.”

The E.P is being produced by 3D Pyramid Studios. Upon completion, it shall be marketed and distributed by Aperture On Point. Tip Tahir promises more details about the project to his fans.

Tip Tahir is not just about the music business, he is into advocacy too. He is particularly disturbed about the misuse of drugs by the youth of his generation. Speaking from a personal experience, Tip Tahir says drugs are not to be fantasized about.

I thought it’s for responsible people but when I see the kids getting involved even more than the adults, it scares me. Because of the situation, cough syrups are now expensive for lactating mothers to buy.” He said.

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