List: Top 26 albums within the past 20 years!

These albums are timeless!

A solid album is one stringed up with songs that narrate a story or revolve around similar themes and could be dedicated to a particular genre or could contain diverse genres.

Today on Ghanamusic.com, we present our top 10 all-time favorite albums by Ghanaian artistes that have hugely impacted the industry, fans, culture, shaped a generation and molded minds.

The albums have intensified love, edified, inspired spirituality, eased a whole lot of stress, been the talk of town and subject of discussion from birthday parties to political rallies.

  • AFRA FRA – by Kojo Antwi (Pour some Sugar, Dadie Anoma, Bo Me Nkomode)
  • ABEN WOHA – by Daddy Lumba (Aben Wo ha, Dangerous, Doctor Panie)
  • DENSU – by Kojo Antwi (Ammrika, Densu, Mfa Me Nkoho)
  • POISON – by Daddy Lumba (Poison, 111666, Menya Mpo)
  • PAE MU KA – by Obrafour (Pae Mu Ka, Yaanom, Kwame Nkrumah)
  • YEESOM SIKA – by Lord Kenya (Medo, Mr P.O.P., Enwom No)
  • ASEM SEBE – by Obrafour (Asem Sebe, Who Born You By Mistake, OkukuSeku)
  • DANKWANSERE – by Batman Samini (Linda, Gyae Shi, Egwee)
  • SIKA KORKOR – by Buk Bak (Klu Blofo, You For Know Say, Kakatsofa)
  • AHOMKA WOMU – by VIP (Ahomka Womu, Sisi Na Die Wom, Besin)
  • OTOOLEGE – by Ofori Amponsah (Otoolege, Abelle, Bonwire)
  • MAKYE – by Sarkodie (Baby, Borga, Push)
  • AFTER THE STORM – by Shatta Wale (Mahama Paper, Baby Chop Kiss, Kakai)
  • EOM – by Stonebwoy (Bawasaba, Mane Me, Suit and Tie)
  • GOD OF MIRACLES – by Joe Mettle (Bo Noo Ni, Onwawani, Ga Praise, The Experience)
  • ATUMPAN – by Obuor (Konkontiba, Shine Your Eye, Menwu Bio, 3ye me Ya)
  • MAKOLA KWAKWE – by Tinny (Makola Kwakwe, Of33 Dull, Obi Do Ba, Wane Kyikyi)
  • VRMG – by Edem (Brafreme, Nyornuviade, You Dey Kraze, De Afor Tome,  Give It Up)
  • TOFFEE – by Castro (Boneshaker, Sradenam, Toffee)
  • DA REVOLUTION – by R2Bees (A Dey Mad, Kiss Your Hand, Africa, Yawa Gal)
  • ASEDA – by Daughters of Glorious Jesus (Ahintabea, Bebree, Wom Ntaban, Yesu Mo, Odomfo, Ayeyi Ben)
  • NKORANHYE NWOM – by Yaw Sarpong & Asomafo (Wo Haw Ne Sen, Mpaebo, Tenabea Foforo)
  • CINDY’S MESSIAH – by Cindy Thompson (Awurade Kasa, Anwanwa Do, Dromo S)), Kwankyrefo Jesus, Ao Mekra)
  • NYANKONTON – by Kontihene (Asesa, Madamfo Pa Beko, Aketesia)
  • BONYFIED – by Ebony (Maame Hw3, Kupe, Aseda, Hustle, Sponsor, Poison, Date Ur Fada, Turn On The Lights)
  • Makaa Maka – by Reggie Rockstone (Sweetie Sweetie, Tsoo Boi, Agoo)

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