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Aimaan Yakubu urges radio stations to promote Ghanaian Music

Artiste manager, Aimaan Yakubu Naab-Morg, who is currently working with some celebrities in the country, has appealed to radio stations in the country to support Ghanaian music by dedicating more airplays to Ghanaian music.

According to Yakubu, who is also known as Celebrity Manager, radio stations use a chunk of their time on air to play international reggae songs that do not need promotions, unlike Ghanaian reggae songs that need it.

Yakubo Naab-Morg, who manages some musicians and actors, added “Anytime you turn on the radio, you will notice that most played on various programs are foreign songs”.

“I am not saying that there is no need to hype this music but if you do not promote your Ghanaian songs, who will do that for you? “

He mentioned that promoting Ghanaian creativity might go a long way to put the industry and Ghana on the map.

He added that Ghanaian highlife music is a part of Ghanaian music and it is important to ensure it stays alive for long.

He claims that highlife can promote Ghanaian music abroad and that Ghanaians should embrace the genre despite the emergence of other genres like afrobeat and Afropop, among others.

He hoped that his fellow musicians, both young and old, would continue to play highlife music.

He added that one of the reasons highlife is waning in popularity is the absence of a coordinated plan by Ghanaian music industry players to advance the genre.

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