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Amerado-Obibini rap feud: Tempers flare between Kweku Smoke & Kwadwo Sheldon; Nam 1 comments

A tale of a Beef derived out of a Beef!

Rapper Kweku Smoke and popular YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon, have become replicas of a beef between Amerado & Obibini & Zylofon Media Boss, Nam 1, has commended his artist for his delivery so far!

Kweku Smoke and Kwadwo Sheldon have also been captured trading insults at each other following the release of Amerado and Obibini’s diss tracks on social media.

Kweku Smoke who seems to have an unsettled beef with Kwadwo Sheldon took to Twitter to attack Amerado and Obibini for creating an avenue for Sheldon to make more money.

One can recall that Kwadwo Sheldon has on several occasions refuted the popular notion that he makes profits from analyzing songs on his YouTube channel.

He said due to copyright issues, he is unable to acquire proceeds from his popular ‘Breakdown’ show.

But Kweku Smoke has insisted that Kwadwo Sheldon is likely to benefit from the buzz surrounding Amerado and Obibini.

In the quest to hit the YouTuber where it hurts the most, Kweku Smoke took to Twitter to ‘attack’ Amerado and Obibini for creating more opportunities for Sheldon to make money.

“Stop beefing! You people are giving this big headed guy too much money,” he tweet read.

Shortly after this tweet, Kwadwo Sheldon, who did not take the post lightly, replied, saying, “If you want me to resurrect your career, be bold and mention me and let’s see how it will end. Wabodam.”

In what graduated into a trade of insults and harsh words, Kweku Smoke replied again saying, “Resurrect your hairline. I tell you don’t quote my tweet again.”

Kwadwo Sheldon who decided to descend into the gutters with the rapper gave one last response:

“My hairline is more relevant than your music career. I will quote your tweet whenever I want and your bum ass can’t do sh**.”

Read the tweets below

Meanwhile, Ghanaian businessman and CEO of gold dealership and investment firm, MenzGold, Nana Appiah Mensah, is the latest to comment on the ongoing beef brewing between Amerado and Obibini.

Rapper Obibini who is signed on NAM1’s Zylofon Music, has been in the news following the release of a diss track targeted at Kumerican rapper, Amerado.

Amerado in his reply to Obibini has released ‘The Throne’ where he mentioned NAM1 in one of his verses. According to him, the rapper doesn’t deserve his attention, he jabbed it was NAM1 who rented cars for him.

He adds that it was through MenzGold that Obibini managed to secure a roof over his head.

The CEO of Zylofon Music, who obviously has been following the feud in a tweet sighted by GhanaWeb wrote: “Heard my son is busy pitpatting, punning & peeing on a peasant’s poodle carcass in a puddle. Hold it @Obibiniboafo #wudinis. M7 are u ready for a big concert? Get the #YardieRemix loud & on replay. Bless up @Amerado_Burner #wudinis #RapCulture #GhMusicBiz #zylofonMusic #godking.”

In less than six hours, NAM1’s post has attracted a number of comments from Twitter users who have asked him to rather focus on settling monies he owes Mezgold customers.

Efo Quame GH wrote: “You don’t want to pay Ghanaians so you are writing big Grammar, Big Grammar no Dey pay bills oo, Big Grammar Na Scam.”

Paa Karl Jr added: “Eiii Emotional team y’all in the beef some?? Wode3 GH’ians all get beef plus u oo. )mo sika no. Ur son de3, he’s not good kraa, atweaa.”

Emmanuel Sekyere had this to say: “How far with menzgold victims funds? So all the monies you are spending on these artists can’t you use them to settle at least some of your dying customers? What kind of heart are you holding? Or such wickedness are all part of achievements? Smh #nam1mustpay.”

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