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Sarkodie & Stonebwoy show united front during interview on French national television!

Ghana music wins in the end! France won't recover after 'Accra in Paris' this Saturday!

Livingstone Estee Satekla, aka Stonebwoy and Michael Owusu Addo, aka Sarkodie have represented the motherland well in an interview on Encore – a Paris-based TV station, ahead of the Accra in Paris concert.

During the interview, they expressed their thoughts about the new interventions of the Afrobeats music genre.

Speaking in an interview on Encore, Stonebwoy when asked about his opinion as to whether the Afrobeat music genre is taking it place in the world or still lumping said that it is a good exposure that Afrobeats is being recognized by the world at the same time it is lumping.

“I think it is good exposure and still lumping because there are criterias by which those are defined ans sometimes when you move away from those criterias music still lives on and people still feed on.

Some of the criteria they used is when you trend on TikTok but some of us have come from school where we do the music and the music lives with the people”, Stonebwoy said.

“Trending might be cool but class it imperial but i would also debate it that it keeps pushing and adding us to the world standard but if you ask Stonebwoy i will say it doesn’t end there, it didnt’t even begin but then it adds on to expose in African acts and there are more beyond the standards that they create”, he added.

Sarkodie on the other hand urged music lovers and patrons not to lose the core and value of Afrobeat. He added that he was aware that a time would come that Afrobeat will be recognized globally but he is glad that it happened during this generation.

“If Afrobeat stayed in Africa it would have been just an African thing but now everybody wanna join it and whether you like it or not Afrobeat is the new cool and thats the song that turns the clubs up so I’m hoping for people to join and make it more bigger”, Sarkodie said.

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