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Essilfie & DJ Tiannah take the crown as AfroFuture Rising Star Challenge & DJ/Producer Challenge

The beat of African innovation pulsed through the night as Essilfie and DJ Tiannah were crowned the 2023 Champions of the AfroFuture Rising Star Challenge and DJ & Producer Challenge, respectively.

Their journeys to victory, however, unfolded on different paths, each testament to the vibrant tapestry of talent across West Africa.

Rising from a pool of fierce contenders like Sage the Rager, Romeo Swag, and BigMoon, Essilfie’s victory echoed throughout the halls of the AfroFuture festival.

This multi-faceted artist is no stranger to recognition. In 2022, she was handpicked for the OneBeat Ghana residency, a prestigious program for socially engaged creatives, and earlier, the British Council awarded her a grant, propelling her creative journey.

Essilfie, with her prize of a studio session performed at the coveted slot on the TuneCore stage last December.

Across the continent, UK-based DJ Tiannah spun her magic, weaving together beats that captivated the judges and audience alike.

Her dedication to her craft shines through in her impressive discography, with tracks like “Aben Wo Ha” and “Prayed Up” resonating with listeners. Her collaborative EP, “Luv Lyf” with DJ-producer Dredw, stands as a testament to her collaborative spirit and genre-bending style.

Now, with her AfroFuture victory, Tiannah’s music reverberated across El Wak stadium and beyond, as she took her place on the TuneCore stage.

AfroFuture is more than just a competition, is a launchpad for dreams. Essilfie and DJ Tiannah’s victories are echoes of the boundless potential that resides within the African music scene, a promise that keeps the beat of AfroFuture alive and pulsing.

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