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Papa Chie is out with a bossy new tune

With a penchant for EDM /Alternative music, ‘Boss’ shows Papa Chie’s musical strength on the new EDM scene.

‘Boss’ is an up-tempo record laced with motivational content. With a catchy melody from the ‘Mystic Vibes’ artiste, the record leans heavy on the brilliant production by Kay-So.

This song would put you in a happy, feel-good mood ready to make a scene on any dance floor.

The artiste producer chemistry between these two acts has seen immense growth upon each release.

From previous collaborations; ‘Why You Wan Hate?’, ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Better’, ‘Boss’ adds up to this impressive list.

With EDM literally being a new genre in Ghana, Papa Chie gives us reason to believe in his artistry mainly by daring to be different from the sound we have all become accustomed to both via our TV sets and radios.

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