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1 on 1: Herven Tayles Unveils an Artistic Journey of Faith, Musical Growth & the birth of ‘Tales of Heaven’ album

In an exclusive interview with Ghanamusic.com, we sat down with Herven Tayles, f.k.a Shy of Nkasei fame, to discuss his recent album release, his artistic evolution, and what lies ahead. Here are the intriguing insights he shared with us:

Q1: Why the name change to Herven Tayles?

Herven Tayles: I felt the need for something bold and stronger, a name that truly embodies stability and supremacy. Since my music now carries a conscious message, “Herven Tayles” felt perfect for me.

Q2: Why has it taken so long for you to release a masterpiece album?

Herven Tayles: Music is all about preparation, timing, and delivery. Besides the pressures of life in the UK and raising a family, it became difficult to find the time to concentrate on music. I also experienced a loss of passion for my craft. However, I never stopped creating and searching for the right songs until now.

Q3: Do you define the album as an Afrobeats or gospel album?

Herven Tayles: I consider this album to be a mix of everything. If you listen closely, you’ll find elements of afrobeats, afro fusion, afro dancehall, and highlife in all the songs. The album maintains a sense of consciousness, encouragement, hope, positivity, and acknowledges the works of God in our lives.

Q4: What do you want people to take away from this album?

Herven Tayles: The understanding that you must journey through life with faith, knowing that there is a supreme being overseeing everything. Remember that you are special and live according to His will and purpose for you. Giving up on life or your goals is not an option.

Q5: Walk us through the album in a few words.

Herven Tayles: This album is a carefully articulated work of art. It boldly tells everyone that it is worth accepting who you are and giving thanks in all situations to your Maker. The tracks are beautifully written and recorded, with a seamless flow from one song to another. It encompasses afro party bangers, authentic highlife, and mid-tempo sounds that soothe the soul and bring joy.

Q6: As a Gospel act, would you still want to tap into the fanbase of Nkasei?

Herven Tayles: Although the songs carry a gospel essence, I believe every hardcore Nkasei fan will still journey with me no matter the direction I take. We have always embedded this type of consciousness in our message, so it’s not very different from what we used to do. I intend to bring everyone on board for an amazing ride.

Q7: Why did you decide to stay away from music after you relocated to the UK?

Herven Tayles: The controversy surrounding our last album, particularly the song “Tuobodom,” and the negative response we received from the region became intense. I couldn’t think of writing anything for a while. I told myself that if I were to return to music, it had to be bigger, better, and unique. But soon, new acts emerged, bringing forth different styles and genres. So, I took a break to study the evolving music terrain.

Q8: The album is out. What’s next for Herven Tayles?

Herven Tayles: Releasing this EP is a significant accomplishment for me, and I’m taking time to celebrate my success and acknowledge how far God has brought me. The plan is to continue promoting it to a wider audience through digital and physical means. I have a series of music videos lined up for each song, with the first one being “Quana,” coming soon. After that, we’ll put out an actual body of work. The tales have just begun.

Herven Tayles’ artistic journey of faith and musical growth is an inspiration to many. With his newfound identity and a powerful album, he aims to captivate listeners with his unique blend of genres and thought-provoking messages. As his tale continues, we eagerly await the next chapter in his musical odyssey.

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