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1 on 1: Gibrilville talks new single ft. Wanlov, COVID-19 scam, future projects & more

Anticipate his incoming single with Wanlov- his former rap group member!

In this interview, we get up-close and personal with Gibrilville, a gifted artiste whose multi-cultural African background influences his style of writing and delivery. Let’s dig in into the convo!

  • Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your family and educational background?

My name is Gibril Adedayo Hassan Mansaray. My stage name is Gibrilville aka Gibril The African. The foreign exchange hustler.

  • What was your introduction into music (in general) like?

Very exciting. Started performance in Adisadel College, moved to the States, started a hip-hop group with Wanlov called Rapskallyonz, recorded an album with him called Illegal Immigrants, moved on to a solo career and never looked back.

  • We hear you are a globetrotter. Share with us your experiences travelling around Africa and the world?

Chale! Ethiopia was crazy. Almost got into a misunderstanding with a custom officer about upgrading my hotel to the starlight hotel which is beautiful. Then almost got kicked out of the hotel for strolling around the underground restaurant which was full of Ethiopian history I just had to see lol.

I’ve been all over the States and had too many experience on that side you can read about in my bio and online. Met a business mogul called “Knowledge Katti” in Namibia having breakfast with my brother in law Jed Richardson, who took me on my first tour in a mine. Bro, life gets exciting in these shoes. 

  • Since you’ve been travelling a lot during this COVID-19 pandemic, update us on your experiences at Kotoka International Airport with regards to the tests and the scam.

Bro it’s sad it has to even get to that extent where a nation like Ghana has scams scattered all over its name. They give out Covid test results at the airport with no bar codes on the paper. There is no guarantee that the results you are getting matches up to the sample you gave for a test you paid for. Can you imagine. And that’s just the beginning.

There is a big cartel at the Lands Commission led by people high on top that refused to help me transfer my land certificate from my father’s name into my name. A senior officer by the name of Ruby Sackey actually told me to my face that no one can touch her. Not even Yaa Boadi or Chris Anibreka who are supposed to be senior officers.

She took my receipt out of the folder after I had paid all the government fees and shoved them in my face. With no one else to help me I just stopped going there period. Allah will open the way.

  • Share with us more insights into your joint label with Twist Legacy Entertainment. How did it come about & why collaborate with Twist out of all the other options?

My cousin, ERIC KWAME GOKA owns 80% of the label. He is the CEO and runs all departments of the label. I own 10% of the label so I see myself more of a consultant, you know…I bring 10 percent to the table. So if he needs a favor or advise, I’m happy to help. That’s about it. I love him like a brother and like the saying goes blood is thicker than water.

So I dey for am. He asked me to help him build the studio in the beginning. Since then he runs his show and does not  need me. So the collaboration was for the love of family. I have my own label called Foreign Exchange records which I have released my music under since 2006. That’s where my sweat and blood dey.

  • Tell us, more about your upcoming single with Wanlov the Kubolor

It’s produced by one of Nigeria’s powerhouse and a very good friend of mine, Mr Jay Synth. Chale, this song sweet me cheeeer papa! We’ve been designing it for almost 3 years now. It’s so unique and fresh with a nice blend of afrobeats and an Arabian flute.

The song just dey move your bones bro. This one is for the ladies and the dance floor. We all go jam to am. It cuts across all ages and genres. I can’t wait for it to drop!!! The artwork alone dey knack.

  • Why feature Wanlov?

Eeeey!!! This question dieeeer?!? ODESHI!! Who no want work with Wanlov? Dopest talent in Accra in my opinion! Lyrics dey be, swag dey be, women dey love am , and he know how to do his thing. I couldn’t be blessed more.

  • In closing, tell us about any future projects, final words to fans and your socials?

Good things manifest, Bad things defect. New album dropping this summer. Boom!!!!! Kindly Subscribe to my YouTube Channel here, Stream all my songs across all online music platforms here and let’s get interactive on my socials:

Instagram: Gibrilville
Twitter: @Gibrilville
Facebook: Gibrilville Website: www.gibrilville.com

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