You cannot love Obrafour without knowing these 15 songs

Remember when you used to chest thump to Obrafour’s Yaanom song and instrumentation in 1999/2000? Those were some times indeed!

Now, fast forward twenty (20) years later and we are celebrating the genesis of rapper Obrafour, a living legend without doubt, with a night of music and nostalgia.

But before the Pae Mu Ka At 20 concert, a concert to celebrate the release of the Pae Mu Ka album in 1999, we present to you a list of Obrafour songs that the very least of his fans should know.

Top 15 Obrafour songs

  1. Yaanom
  2. Kwame Nkrumah
  3. Odo
  4. Maame
  5. Asemsebe
  6. Twe Wo Ho
  7. Oye Ohene remix
  8. Who Born You By Mistake
  9. Heavy
  10. Ako
  11. Ghetto Love
  12. Kaseibo
  13. Nya Ntetee Pa
  14. Adɛn
  15. Ebehyehyew

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