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Kobi Onyame’s song features in an Adidas advert

Another big one for Ghanaian music as Kobi Onyame’s song Chosen Ones has been used as the soundtrack for an Adidas commercial.

The hip-hop song which is from Kobi Onyame’s 2017 Gold Album was released in 2016 featuring M.anifest.

Chosen Ones is now the official soundtrack for the video commercial of Adidas’ new Terrex Zero Dye pack. This is another high point for Ghanaian music and for Kobi Onyame.

Kobi Onyame is a rapper whose music is uplifting and colourful; a vibrant spectacle that draws heavily on African culture both sonically and visually.

His Gold album won ‘Best Album’ at the inaugural Infinitime Music Awards held in Glasgow early October 2017.

The Gold album, Described as “an afrobeat-inspired album that is dab friendly, features a coming of age Kobi Onyame who mashes his Ghanaian heritage with contemporary hip-hop to create an almost wistful echo of a yearning for home.

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