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Tehillah X: Ohemaa Mercy rounds off a decade of impactful editions with unparalleled excellence

In a remarkable milestone, Ghana’s grandest annual Gospel event ever hosted by an artiste, Ohemaa Mercy’s Tehillah Experience, marked its monumental 10th edition with an awe-inspiring evening of worship and praise.

Hosted by the profoundly anointed and celebrated minstrel, Ohemaa Mercy, the event took place on the 13th of August, 2023, at the esteemed OIL DOME, ROYAL HOUSE CHAPEL, beginning at 4PM.

This year’s Tehillah X was an extraordinary convergence of spiritual devotion and musical excellence, as worshipers from all corners gathered to partake in an unforgettable encounter with the divine.

The event was not only a showcase of soul-stirring melodies but also a profound connection between the worshipers and the throne of Grace.

One of the highlights of the event was the captivating performance by SK Frimpong, who ignited the atmosphere with scintillating Ghanaian praise songs that set hearts ablaze.

The stage was graced by the remarkable talents of Efe Grace, Kofi Owusu Peprah, and the iconic Ohemaa Mercy herself, who collaborated with the Nyame Tumfo crooner to deliver an exclusive rendition of Ohemaa’s yet-to-be-released new song.

The stage came alive with the magnetic presence of Michael Mahendere, Joe Beecham, and Uncle Ato, who each brought their unique anointing to the Tehillah Experience.

The event transcended borders as Nigeria’s Sunmisola Agbebi and Michael Stuckey contributed their voices to the harmonious symphony of worship.

The Tehillah X was truly a gathering of esteemed personalities and spiritual leaders, who graced the occasion with their presence.

The grandeur of the event was further accentuated by the enchanting choreography display featuring torch-wielding escorts that added a visually captivating element to the worship experience.

One of the most notable achievements of this year’s Tehillah Experience was the record-breaking attendance. For the first time, the 21,000-seater OIL DOME was packed to its brim, a testament to the event’s growing significance and impact on the hearts of worshipers.

As the event concluded, the fragrance of heartfelt worship and praise lingered in the air, a sweet offering before the throne of Grace.

The Tehillah X undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of all who attended, reaffirming the power of music and worship to unite and uplift the spirit.

In the end, Tehillah Experience 2023 proved to be more than just a musical event; it was a divine encounter, a symphony of souls, and a testament to the unwavering devotion of worshipers who gathered to celebrate the boundless grace and love of Jesus Christ.

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