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Time to Recognize All Contributors: ADOMcwesi Calls for Inclusivity in the Ghana Music Awards – More HERE!

As the excitement builds for the upcoming Ghana Music Awards, Gospel artiste and MiPROMO Media PR , ADOMcwesi believes it’s time to acknowledge all the contributors who make award-winning songs and albums possible.

While the spotlight often shines brightly on the artists who take home the coveted plaques and recognition, there’s a vast network of talent behind the scenes whose efforts deserve equal acknowledgment.

Drawing inspiration from prestigious awards ceremonies like the Grammys, it’s evident that recognizing supporting contributors is not just a gesture of inclusivity but a necessity in celebrating the multifaceted nature of music production.

From featured artists to songwriters, producers, stylists, graphic designers, photographers, managers, show promoters, music publicists, journalists, bloggers, and more, each plays a vital role in shaping the success of an award-winning project.

One crucial aspect that deserves attention is the inclusion of featured artists in the accolades. Too often, these talented individuals lend their voices and creativity to a song, only to be overshadowed when awards are handed out.

By acknowledging their contributions, we not only honor their talent but also promote collaboration and unity within the music industry.

Similarly, the role of songwriters and producers cannot be overstated. Behind every hit song lies hours of meticulous crafting, refining lyrics, melodies, and beats.

Their skill and dedication are instrumental in shaping the sonic landscapes that captivate audiences worldwide. Recognizing their efforts sends a powerful message about the importance of creativity and innovation in music production.

Moreover, let’s not forget the unsung heroes behind the visuals that accompany music releases. Stylists play a pivotal role in crafting the image and identity of an artist, while graphic designers create captivating album cover artworks that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Photographers capture the essence of the artist through promotional images, while managers work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure their clients’ success.

In addition, show promoters play a crucial role in bringing artists to the stage, connecting them with their fans, and creating unforgettable live experiences.

Music publicists, journalists, and bloggers help amplify the artist’s message, generating buzz and excitement around their work.

By broadening the scope of recognition to encompass all these contributors, the Ghana Music Awards can truly reflect the collaborative spirit and diversity of talent within the industry.

It’s about more than just honoring individual artists; it’s about celebrating the collective effort that goes into creating music that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Ghana Music Awards, ADOMcwesi urges Charterhouse, the Board and the academy to embrace inclusivity and shine a spotlight on the entire ecosystem of talent that makes our favorite songs and albums possible.

It’s time to recognize all contributors and ensure that their invaluable contributions are celebrated and appreciated. After all, music is a collaborative art form, and it’s high time we acknowledged everyone who helps bring it to life.

ADOMcwesi has several medleys and covers to his name including GAM (Gospel Afrobeat Mashup) & Woyaya (Osibisa Gospel Edit) all readily available across all digital platforms.

He is yet to unleash his first single of 2024 in March God willing dubbed ‘Yesu Nkoaa‘ – a testament to Christ Jesus being the only potent answer to all of the world’s problems today! Anticipate!

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