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New Updates! Afua Asantewaa delves into failed Guinness World Records attempt

Guinness World Records recently announced that Afua Asantewaa‘s ambitious attempt to set a record for the longest singathon was unsuccessful.

This outcome stemmed from a failure to comply with the specified guidelines regarding rest breaks.

Alina Polianskaya, a PR Executive at Guinness World Records, explained that Asantewaa’s Sing-A-Thon did not meet the strict rules concerning rest break timings, consistent across all records for the “longest marathon” categories.

Guinness World Records responded to inquiries about Asantewaa’s attempt via social media, expressing disappointment over the outcome but acknowledging her inspirational efforts.

Despite the refund of her payment, they wished her luck in any future record-breaking endeavors.

Although Asantewaa’s bid did not result in a record, her 126-hour and 52-minute singathon made a significant impact, highlighting her resilience and dedication to her craft.

In her first public statement following her unsuccessful singathon attempt recognized by Guinness World Records, Afua Asantewaa expressed her frustration with the delayed communication of her result. She emphasized her inability to access her account and stated her refusal to accept such a result.

Eric Toscar, a member of Afua Asantewaa’s management team, this morning took to Facebook to shed light on the Instagram conversation regarding their interaction with Guinness World Records (GWR).

The conversation documented key moments, including GWR’s acknowledgment of receiving evidence for her record attempt, her payment for priority processing, and her subsequent complaint about being unable to access her logins.

Notably, GWR’s tweet acknowledging her attempt came on the Friday following her message expressing login issues, which she sent on Thursday.

In a recent interview with GTV this morning, Afua Asantewaa reiterated her stance that she has not received any notification of the refund money from Guinness World Records.

“In the contract we signed, until I decide to let it out, THEY can’t. There are so many things I have tried in the past that I willingly embraced failure (and) that brought ME this far. So why would I hide the results from the PUBLIC? No way!”, she added.

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