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Ghanaian artist Exo Xan drops a soulful escape in visuals for his new single ‘Calvary’

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Exo Xan revisits the theme of ‘Calvary,’ finding his stride with deep symbolism and beautiful outdoor visuals that feel both puzzling and artistic at every glance.

The video is a testament to the Ghanaian Afro-fusion artist’s ability to capture the essence of his song through captivating visuals. ‘Calvary’ is a follow-up to the thought-provoking message Exo Xan shares in his previous release ‘Rasta Shepherd.

Stream/Download ‘Calvary’ by Exo Xan below:

The visuals for Exo Xan’s ‘Calvary’ portray a “safe space” for anyone who is at the mercy of life’s unending storms and his serene visuals sell this promise with the ease of a charismatic salesman.

In this vibrant Seyram-directed music video, Exo Xan runs into the wilderness, fleeing his troubles to find solace on the shores of ‘Calvary.’

He traverses lush coastal meadows in the company of graceful horses while he sings to his heart’s content. At this point, the video’s artistic elements become prominent.

Gone are the sunny skies from before. It shifts to a blood-orange hue, featuring a burning cross and an otherworldly terrain.

Things shift back to nighttime in the meadows afterward and per the lyrics, “We will find our peace in Calvary,” such scenes depict the turmoil we endure with the peace we seek, as depicted in earlier shots.

Exo Xan released ‘Calvary’ in early December last year. He invited fans to join him on an emotional roller coaster that saw him delve into his quest for inner peace and the many hurdles on the road to redemption.

The song was an instant favorite among fans, serving as yet another reminder of what the ‘Last Supper’ star can do and his knack for the religious.

Stream or download ‘Calvary’ across all major digital platforms.

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