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Bravo ISR Recruits Farid for Comeback Drill Record ‘Sor Me Mu’

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Rising Asakaa star, Bravo ISR returns from a two-year hiatus with the release of “Sor Me Mu” – a typical drill jam linked by a prayer.

The newest Drill record from Bravo’s camp, “Sor Me Mu” entails and talks about everything the genre is known for, however, that prayer hook and tribute to Atta (CB Lamar) sets the song apart as an instant masterpiece.

With a Bigg Homie Flee-esque intro, Bravo ISR straightaway delves into life on the street, rapping tough over a repetitive background hum sound that creates an ambience indicative of the song’s deeper meaning. The toughness and lines about a prodigal trapstar only lasts for a while before he switches to the topic of death and grief, which ushers in the prayer hook.

Sor Me Mu by Bravo ISR X Farid Cover.
Sor Me Mu by Bravo ISR X Farid Cover.

On the second verse, Farid maintains the tough tone of the song, stays true to the genre’s crashing nature and unlike the biblical prodigal son, this prodigal trapstar never returns home as he continues to rap about life on the street.

On “Sor Me Mu,” Both rappers echo the silent prayer of many. Farid touches on topical issues such as the plight of national service personnel, the emigration crisis and the rising cost of living.

“Sor Me Mu” is both a certified street banger and street sermon. The song highlights the two-faced nature of life. This, Bravo ISR simplified to Amplify Ghana in a pre-release interview, where he stated that: “there’s a time for everything yeah, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to fall and a time to rise.”

“Sor Me Mu” is for me and my brothers asking God to hold us still through the storms of life,” he added.

Coming from a long hiatus to since his last release; “Bitch Ass Niggas” featuring Amos K back in September 2022, Bravo ISR is staging a bold comeback and “Sor Me Mu” sets the stage for the takeover.

“I have been away for a while to reflect on my life and connect to myself and it’s now right I serve you with this to announce my comeback,” he told Amplify Ghana.

The super-producer Swaty Beatz mixed and mastered the record. Bravo ISR is more than a street preacher. This is the new wave.

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