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Unveiling Keeny Ice: The Next Big Name in Ghanaian Music

Delve into the captivating world of this talented Ghanaian artist and his rise to fame.

Keeny Ice, whose birth name is Barnabas Amu, is a distinguished Ghanaian musical artist. Renowned for his unique amalgamation of talent, charm, and unwavering commitment, he has secured a position for himself as one of the most promising talents in the Ghanaian music scene.

β€œFrazz”: The latest single from Keeny Ice, entitled β€œFrazz,” and featuring the talents of Chief One – a contender for “New Artiste of the Year” at the Ghana Music Awards 2023 – has garnered significant attention within the Ghanaian music industry.

The production, masterminded by Two Bars, has risen to widespread acclaim, achieving substantial airplay and streaming success. Impressively, “Frazz” attained the distinguished #1 position on Apple Music’s iTunes chart, and its music video has also reached the notable rank of #23 in YouTube’s global trends, thereby reinforcing Keeny Ice’s prestigious standing in the musical domain.

Shortly after debuting, the video for β€œFrazz” amassed an extraordinary two million views on TikTok. The remarkable proficiency of Keeny Ice in engaging with his audience via this digital platform has significantly propelled his swift ascent to prominence.

Keeny Ice is widely acclaimed for his outstanding lyrical craftsmanship and the compelling presence he commands on stage. His intrinsic talent for engaging in communication during live performances and media appearances has garnered him commendations in numerous circles.

Keeny Ice is engaged in a professional association with ABM Global, a standalone management entity based in Ghana, which is instrumental in promoting his musical creations internationally. Demonstrating his adaptability, Keeny Ice has ventured into the widely acclaimed Amapiano genre with compositions such as β€œYekoema.”

As Keeny Ice ascends in the music industry, he maintains a steadfast commitment to producing outstanding musical works that garner a global audience engagement. His distinctive fusion of Ghanaian musical heritage with contemporary urban rhythms ensures a captivating listening experience.🎡πŸ”₯

Watch FRAZZ by Kenny Ice ft. Chief One

Kenny Ice – FRAZZ ft. Chief One. Credit: YouTube

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