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Kwesi Arthur’s father runs to his son’s rescue; blames female victims

He doesn't believe a single word that is being circulated on social media.

Father of award-winning rapper, Kwesi Arthur, Mr. Samuel Danso Arthur has disparaged rumors that his son has been sexually exploiting women.

A section of the public await the rapper to respond to several allegations of jilting women and even forcing some to terminate their pregnancies.

Meanwhile, his father has emphasized that until these women are bold enough to speak out for themselves, he would not believe a single word that is being circulated on social media.

Mr. Arthur who spoke in an interview with 3FM’s MzGee believes that the accusations against his son are untrue, adding that some group of people are purposely scheming to tarnish Kwesi Arthur’s image.

“I haven’t even seen the face of these women. Anything that is thrown out there people will be curious to follow. I believe it’s coming from a toothless individual.

I think it is something that is being cooked by a blogger with the ladies. If it is indeed true the lady who got impregnated should come out so we all see her face,” he noted.

Mr Arthur who is yet to confront his son concerning the assertions has also blamed the “so-called” victims for their predicaments, stressing that they should have known better before sleeping with his son.

“He has traveled and I’m sure he has returned but I haven’t spoken to him. I am yet to find out from him if the story circulating is true or not but if you are a woman and you decide to open your legs for a man, then you must know it comes with consequences.

It’s not like taking paracetamol tablet. After enjoying your intercourse you come and disturb us with this nonsense,” he established.

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