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National Cathedral Fundraiser saga: Diana Hamilton, Sonnie Badu, Jak Alolome deny receiving huge honorariums

They all claim not to have received any huge amount for their performance.

With the recent controversies that have surrounded the ongoing construction of Ghana’s National Cathedral, Diana Hamilton, Sonnie Badu and Jak Alolome have come out to speak.

The management of award-winning gospel artiste, Diana Hamilton, have disclosed that she did not make financial demands to event organizers for her performance during the National Cathedral Fundraiser in Kumasi a few years back.

In an interview with Metro TV, David Ennin, the gospel artiste’s manager, indicated they were given an undisclosed amount of money for ‘fuel’.

He explained that the money given was occasioned by the delay of the program.

“Diana performed in Kumasi when they did the Ashanti Regional one (National Cathedral fundraiser). We have a category of appreciation for artistes.

“When you say artistes were paid, does it mean that the artist charged or they were appreciated because as far as I know, we didn’t charge.

“I think they appreciated us, but that one I can’t disclose [the amount], and it was not anything that is close to any charge. That one we didn’t charge. Diana Hamilton performed, but she didn’t charge. But I quite remember; I think they gave something for what she did.

“We stayed for long because the program delayed and so after everything, I think they gave something for our fuel and whatever. That is what I can say. But on authority, we didn’t charge because the was no negotiation,” he said.

There have been multiple media reports alleging that artistes who performed at the fundraiser were paid GH₵30,000 each.

The conversation has become topical as a result of another gospel artiste Sonnie Badu coming out to debunk reports that he received $50,000 for his performance during the National Cathedral fundraiser in the US.

This was after a Twitter user had asked him to clear the air regarding the rumour which was being circulated.

“Wow, thanks for alerting me, I was not given a dime .. not even a seat for me and my team. We stood outside,” Sonnie Badu responded to the tweet.

Furthermore, Gospel artiste, Jack Alolome, has debunked reports that he was paid a sum of GH¢30,000 for his performance during the National Cathedral fundraising in Kumasi on January 30, 2020.

His comment comes on the back of claims made by the morning show host of Onua TV, Captain Smart, that the gospel artiste and others received financial compensation for their performances.

In a video shared on his official Facebook page, Jack Alolome expressed surprise at the accusation leveled against him.

He indicated that even if what Captain Smart said was true, then it implied that someone had received the amount on his blind side.

According to him, when he returns to the country, he will follow up on the matter to ensure that his money is given to him or returned to the appropriate place.

“The are conversations ongoing in the media concerning the National Cathedral. Captain Smart made a public pronouncement that artistes who were at the Cathedral [fundraising] launch that took place at Kumasi received GH¢300 million each.

“I want to categorically state that nobody has given me any GH¢30,000. Moreover, I don’t have any management team I work with whom I can say will go behind my back and take the money.

“I have not received any GH¢30,000 and the program I attended too nobody has given me money…not even a worn-out GH¢1.

“If it is reported that each artiste received 30,000 then it means my money is with someone. I am pleading, I’m not in Ghana but what it means is that when I come to Ghana, I must do a follow up so that wherever the money is, either it is given to me or returned to its appropriate place,” Jack Alolome said.

There have been multiple media reportage alleging that artistes who performed at the fundraiser were paid GH¢30,000.

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