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Star Vicy’s ‘Legend in the Making’ EP: A Musical Odyssey of Love and Hustling narrated through Afrobeats and Hiphop 

London-based Ghanaian rapper Vincent Opoku, known in showbiz circles as Star Vicy, is a name that resonates with passion and dedication in the world of music as evidenced by his latest “Legend In The Making” EP.

Renowned for his lyrical prowess and impressive track record of awards, Star Vicy’s latest release, the “Legend in the Making” EP, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft. 

In this musical journey, the artist reflects on the trials and tribulations that come with pursuing one’s dreams as well as the innuendos of love and paints a vivid picture of what it truly means to be a legend in the making.

The EP opens with “Legend In The Making (Intro),” a collaboration with 02 Pappie and Dj Cizzy. It’s a powerful introduction that sets the tone for the entire project, showcasing the fusion of talent and artistic vision that lies ahead.

As Star Vicy delves into his love life and personal experiences on tracks like “Give It To Me,” “This Kind Luv (Anyway)” featuring Neellzy Music, and “My Jigga,” he invites listeners into the very heart of his journey.

The artist is unafraid to reveal his own moments of passionate romance, doubt and despair, highlighting the inevitable struggles that shape the path of every dreamer.

One of the striking elements of “Legend in the Making” is its duality, where alongside the tales of trials and tribulations, Star Vicy intertwines love songs that appeal to the willing heart. Tracks like “For Me” featuring OseiBoy and “Sweet Potato” showcase his versatility and ability to speak to the heart.

The EP also addresses the painful aspect of betrayals, as heard on “Fall OuTs” featuring Picasso Bwoy. In a soul-baring narrative, the artist explores the complexity of relationships and the impact of betrayals from loved ones.

Star Vicy’s remarkable lyrical skills and his claim to the title of “Rap Monster” are brilliantly displayed on “Freezy Macbones Flow,” an homage to the Ghanaian boxer Freezy Mcbones, who inspired this track through his inspiring speeches, both in victory and defeat.

“Bo Me Din” (SaY mY nAmE), featuring Adwoa Safoa and Kay Bryn, brings together various elements and showcases Star Vicy’s ability to craft songs that resonate with diverse audiences.

The EP’s conclusion, “Grace of God” featuring Welzy & Kingsley Rymz serves as the perfect outro to sum up the immense talent experienced throughout this masterpiece.

Production credits of all 11 songs goes to  the musical brilliance of PP blaq, Welzy, Neellzy Music, Dezira and supervised by DJ CIZZY. These brains mixed and mastered the songs to perfection!

With a track record that includes accolades such as Best Diaspora Afrobeat Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Rapper of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards UK and Ghana Music Awards France, Star Vicy is more than just a rapper. He’s a storyteller, an artist, and a true embodiment of resilience and creativity.

As the “Legend in the Making” EP takes its place in the world of music, it becomes an anthem for dreamers, a testament to the power of perseverance, and a celebration of love’s enduring presence in our lives. 

Star Vicy’s social media presence on platforms like Instagram (IG: starvicy) and Facebook (FB: Star Vicy) offers fans a closer look at his journey, and “Legend in the Making” solidifies his position as a rising legend in the global music scene.

Stream/Download on all major music platforms HERE!!!

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