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Dreams and Destiny: Kaywa’s Eerie Premonitions of Ebony Reigns’ Unfortunate Passing

Kaywa, Highly Spiritual Music head honcho, has disclosed that he had a dream predicting the tragic demise of the late Ebony Reigns before her death.

According to Kaywa, also a man-of-God, when he had the dream, he told Bullet, owner of “Rufftown Records” and the then manager of Ebony about it.

In a recent interview with Roselyn Felli on Joy Prime, Kaywa said;

“So, what happened to Ebony was not a prophecy, I saw it in a dream. Usually, when I go to sleep, there are many things I see and so when I woke up, I texted Bullet and sent him details which included where I saw my dream.

It was very detailed. Until he put out that information, nobody knew I even spoke about it. There were times I will tell them not to go at this time, I will text them and it was a personal thing”, he stated.

Kaywa explained that although there’s a popular belief that such dreams cannot be stopped, he believes changing the course of the dream can bring about a different result.

“I have heard many people say they can see but they can’t stop it. Sometimes it is not stopping, sometimes it is just changing the course. When I saw it, I kept telling him to change the course.

I remember there were times I texted them and said, the region, that space, you have a lot of calls to go and perform there, don’t go. They kept getting calls and they also were turning down the calls and all that,” he explained.

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