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Priscilla Otomfuo sounds alarm in new single; Yesu Mba (Jesus is Coming)

‘Yesu Mba’, an exceptional spirit-filled single that has already paced a trend even before its release is from the camp of sensational gospel diva, Priscilla Otumfuo.

The assertion that has been hovering around the heads of the current crop of gospel artists that they lack creativity and that the spiritual aspect of their songs has been heavily quenched due to their lazy approach and lackadaisical attitude towards the work of God will soon be a thing of the past as ‘Yesu Mba’ hits the music market. Stream here.

For the records, Priscilla, an epitome of talent has never relented on her efforts to feed souls with spirit filled songs. Talent like hers is very rare especially in the generation we find ourselves.

Her vocal dexterity and her ability to coin words into wisdom clearly tell how well she’s being led by the Holy Spirit.

It was of no wonder when her previous works called the attention of some international personalities who showed keen interest in investing in some of our acts here in Ghana.

This time, Priscilla has raised the bar much higher. With top-notch performance, I present to you ‘Yesu Mba’, a Ga dialect which translates ”Jesus is Coming”, Priscilla’s latest single.

On this classic piece, the singer highlighted the second coming of Christ and the need for us to prepare our hearts for his coming.

Adding, the singer pointed out some irreligious acts that when involved in may kill our chances of making heaven.

The Beatzgod-produced song will undoubtedly be the first of its kind to hit the Ghanaian market. Aside from the spiritual aspect of the song, the singer came clear with a heart-piercing message ready to win thousands of souls to God’s kingdom.

What makes the song more unique is the rhythm. It comes with a creative dance groove suitable for all dancing purposes.

Though sung in Ga, the song has these catchy elements which can easily be grasped by people from other tribes, a creative factor I believe should be emulated by other musicians.

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