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Diana Rush Inserts Captivating Visuals for Soul-stirring ‘Yen Hene Jesus’ Worship Medley!

Ghanaian gospel artiste Diana Rush has unveiled an enchanting music video for her latest worship medley, titled ‘Yen Hene Jesus,’ meaning ‘Our King Jesus.’

The soul-stirring medley showcases Diana Rush’s exceptional vocal prowess and her heartfelt devotion to worship.

Produced by the talented Shadrack Yawson, the ‘Yen Hene Jesus’ medley encompasses a collection of powerful worship songs that exalt and magnify Jesus as the supreme King.

Diana Rush’s mesmerizing vocals, accompanied by uplifting instrumentals, create an atmosphere of reverence and spiritual connection.

The music video for ‘Yen Hene Jesus’ is a visual masterpiece directed by the renowned director Banitchi. The captivating visuals beautifully complement the medley, evoking a sense of awe and wonder.

Through stunning imagery and thoughtful cinematography, the video captures the essence of worship and brings viewers into a realm of divine encounter.

Diana Rush’s ‘Yen Hene Jesus’ worship medley and its accompanying music video serve as a testament to her unwavering faith and dedication to sharing the gospel through music.

The project represents a powerful expression of reverence and adoration towards Jesus Christ, inviting listeners to join in worship and experience the transformative presence of God.

With its profound lyrics and captivating visuals, ‘Yen Hene Jesus’ is poised to resonate deeply with believers and music enthusiasts alike.

Diana Rush’s passion for worship shines through in this remarkable release, and it is a testament to her remarkable talent and commitment to spreading the message of love and hope through her music.

The ‘Yen Hene Jesus’ music video is now available for streaming on various platforms, providing an immersive and uplifting worship experience.

Join Diana Rush on this awe-inspiring journey of praise and surrender as she leads listeners into a powerful encounter with the King of Kings through her soul-stirring worship medley ‘Yen Hene Jesus.’

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