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Drumz, Formerly Atumpan, says he would build a house rather than pay DJs and Advises New Artistes on Relationships

Ghanaian artiste Drumz, formerly known as Atumpan of “The Thing” fame, recently shared his frustrations with the challenges faced by musicians in promoting their songs in Ghana.

In a candid interview with Nana Romeo, Drumz highlighted the financial strain of promoting songs through Ghanaian DJs and expressed his preference for investing in tangible assets like building a house.

Additionally, he offered valuable advice to emerging artists regarding relationships with individuals seeking fame and financial gain.

The Cost of Song Promotion:

Drumz revealed that he had invested significant sums in promoting his songs through Ghanaian DJs, only to find that the hype surrounding his music dwindled once he left the country.

Citing the changing dynamics of the music industry and the limitations faced by non-resident artists, Drumz emphasized the challenges associated with traditional promotional methods.

He suggested that the evolving landscape of music promotion platforms has prompted him to reconsider allocating funds towards constructing a building rather than traditional promotion.

Relationship Woes in the Music Industry:

Sharing insights into his personal experiences, Drumz cautioned emerging artists about the pitfalls of relationships with individuals solely interested in fame and financial gains.

He recounted instances where women, commonly referred to as “groupies,” would engage with him during his peak popularity but move on to other artists once his fame subsided.

Drumz advised up-and-coming musicians to be discerning in their associations to avoid potential negative impacts on their careers and personal lives.

A Warning for New Artistes:

Drumz concluded by advising new artists to exercise caution when navigating relationships within the industry.

He stressed the importance of being mindful of individuals who may be attracted to the spotlight rather than genuine connections. While acknowledging that such dynamics are not exclusive to women, Drumz aimed to provide a cautionary tale to his colleagues based on his own experiences.

In the ever-evolving music industry, Drumz’s candid revelations shed light on the challenges artists face in promotion and relationships, offering valuable insights for emerging talents navigating their way through the complexities of the entertainment world.

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