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Event Review: 2018 Ghana DJ Awards

One thing that would’ve stayed with anyone who attended the Ghana DJ Awards was, the awards scheme is growing.

Yes, there were some empty seats at the front but the sheer number of attendees for a DJ event, mind you, deserves some praise.

Taking you on a review journey of 2018 Ghana DJ Awards, you might come out with either higher or lower ratings according to your own account and what you will read and you will still be right

Straight off to the event venue, the argument that the venue was too big to host the event would be justified in some quarters when you look at the numbers in attendance.

You won’t be far off to liken the attendance to a 6-year old whose two front teeth have plucked out. There were gaps not because people didn’t attend, but the venue was just too spacious for the 6th edition of the Ghana DJ Awards.

Expect to see the AICC filled up in 2019 should the organisers decide to host it there.

We have a problem with keeping to time as a society and nowhere was this evident than the Accra International Conference Center on Saturday.

Event Review: 2018 Ghana DJ Awards
Event Review: 2018 Ghana DJ Awards

The event, advertised to start at 8 pm started after 10 pm – 2 confusing hours later. If the attendees had thought the event would be expediently done to make up for the time lost, they sat to regret it.

The show dragged on until 2 am when the overall DJ of the year was announced. DJ Vyrusky no doubt would be happy with the award but I do not believe the numbers that clapped and remained for his victory speech would have made him happier.

Moving out in droves, the attendees dashed out 1 by 1 and in instances, pairs in pairs from an award show that was having a boring finale with uninspiring performances by underground artists.

The 3 underground artistes killed the event with drab songs and really awful performances

An event which had been fun from the start by the selected DJ who jammed up the with hot danceable songs.

Event Review: 2018 Ghana DJ Awards
KiDi performing at the 2018 Ghana DJ Awards

Can you forget the DJ freestyle battle between DJ Kevin and DJ Mpesempese which had everyone in the hall cheering and jeering? Kwaw Kese’s DJing antics, Patapaa’s energy or the child DJ, DJ Switch’s entry?

The 2018 Ghana DJ Awards had numerous high points and numerous low points which could turn the 2019 Ghana DJ Awards into one of the best events of 2019.

Event Review: 2018 Ghana DJ Awards
Gloria Safo, MC for the 2018 Ghana DJ Awards

Event Review

VENUE - 7.3



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