Reigning TGMA Best Male Vocalist, Kofi Karikari invites fans to “Grateful Live Recording Worship Service” on July 7! – Full Details HERE!

Join Kofi karikari for a Night of Grateful Worship at Labadi Beach Hotel

On July 7th, starting at 3:00 PM, the celebrated Ghanaian gospel musician Kofi Karikari will take the stage for a live worship service and recording under the evocative theme “Grateful.”

In the heart of Accra, at the prestigious Labadi Beach Hotel, the air will soon be filled with melodies of faith and gratitude.

Recently honored with the Male Vocalist of the Year award at the Telecel Ghana Music Awards, Kofi Karikari continues to uplift souls with his resonant voice and heartfelt worship. His soul-stirring performances and profound lyrical messages have made him a beacon of hope and inspiration far beyond the Christian community.

“Grateful: A Night of Worship and Encounter” is not merely an event; it promises to be a transformative experience. This evening of worship will mark a collective moment of thanksgiving for the year’s first half and pave the way for the blessings of the next. It is a heartfelt expression of gratitude to God, an anticipation of greater things yet to come. Attendees can expect an evening suffused with anointed music, deep worship, and a palpable sense of the divine presence of God.

Kofi Karikari’s live worship service and recording aims to create an atmosphere where hearts are touched, lives are changed, and gratitude flows freely. Reflecting on the upcoming event, Kofi shared, “This is a special moment for me and everyone who has supported my ministry. ‘Grateful’ is about expressing our thanks to God for His unending grace and mercy. It’s a call for all of us to come together, worship, and show our gratitude.”

What to Expect on July 7th at Labadi Beach Hotel:*

  • Holy Spirit-Filled Worship: Lose yourself to the Holy Spirit in an evening of heartfelt worship led by Kofi Karikari, whose songs have touched lives around the world.
  • Live Recording: Witness a live music recording session that captures the raw, powerful worship experience, destined to be shared as an album.
  • Community of Faith: Join fellow worshippers in a communal expression of gratitude, strengthening bonds and faith.
  • Inspiring Messages: Be moved by the uplifting messages embedded in Kofi’s music, crafted to inspire and encourage.

Prepare for an evening where the troubles of the world dissolve into the tranquility of divine music. Kofi’s performance is more than a showcase of vocal prowess; it’s an invitation to join in a collective expression of thankfulness to God for life’s blessings.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to be part of an extraordinary worship experience. Mark your calendars for July 7th and join Kofi Karikari at the Labadi Beach Hotel from 3:00 PM. Come ready to worship, to be grateful, and to witness a night that will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

For more information and to reserve your spot, please contact 0553440705 or 0209040009. Let us come together and celebrate our gratitude in an evening of unforgettable worship.

About Kofi Karikari:
Kofi Karikari is a celebrated Ghanaian gospel musician renowned for his powerful voice and inspiring worship music. With numerous accolades, including Male Vocalist of the Year at the Telecel Ghana Music Awards, Kofi continues to impact lives through his ministry.

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