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D-Black’s GHAMRO royalties can’t buy champagne from his club

Over the years, Ghanaian artists have been complaining about the failure of Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) to pay artistes their deserving royalties.

Now, rapper Desmond Blackmore, popularly known as D Black, has joined the list of artistes complaining about how little royalties from the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) are.

For clarity sake, GHAMRO as an organization is responsible for the collection and distribution of royalties to musicians and all other creative workers inclusive.

Speaking on Hitz Hightable on Friday, the rapper said the monies given to artistes as royalties cannot buy champagne in his club.

“In 2016 someone called me from there and told me all the A-list artiste and producers had 600 cedis each with them so I should send my mobile money number,” he explained.

D Black added B list artistes were given 450 cedis.

The Black Avenue Muzik boss said he questioned how GHAMRO arrives at the amount A list or B list artistes are given, but he was told that is how the system is.

“That means if Sarkodie releases 10 songs in a year and I don’t, we are all A list artistes we still get the same amount of money, it does not make sense,” he told Dr Pounds, host of the show.

The rapper revealed he does not take money from the organisation but focuses on his companies, his music and how he can make money from that by himself.

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