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Budukusu exhibits intellect in latest “Interview with Covid-19”

He proved his creative prowess and artistic necessity in the war against coronavirus

The world is saddled with a deadly pandemic called Covid-19; several thousands of people have lost their lives, with nearly a million people catching the virus.

Originating from China, invading Italy and Spain, locking down Iran, sweeping through the United States and causing massive shutdowns across the world; this virus is definitely a monstrous beast on a prowl.

It is therefore important for talented musicians like Budukusu, to help reduce the spread.

One of Ghana’s lyrically dexterous rappers Budukusu, has added his voice to the ongoing educational drive geared towards reducing the spread of Covid-19.

The hip-hop song produced by KV Bangers, an awe-inspiring producer, lays to bare the origins of the Coronavirus, and ways to prevent its spread.

The song which is titled “Interview with Covid-19” has Budukusu using witty language, impressive rhymes and puns to deliver his message.

Performed in English & Twi over a laid back hip hop beat, the song is expected to not only thrill and entertain fans, but to give the larger Ghanaian public more insights into the corona virus pandemic.

The first verse of the “Interview with Covid-19” is random commentary performed as a rap verse, detailing the origins of the virus, the speculations, and the devastating nature of this virus.

The follow-up verse has Budukusu interviewing the deadly covid-19, in a successful attempt to make entertainment out of education.

In the interview, Budukusu revealed the safety measures needed to reduce and eliminate the spread of the virus.

The rapper who used to go by name Quata Budukusu but recently rebranded to Budukusu said this song is not just another of his creative pieces, but one that’s dear to his heart; he further went on to describe the song as his response to the need for a concerted front in safeguarding mankind in these times.

Measures have been prescribed to help protect all of humanity; these measures must be communicated in all ways, and in all parts of the world.

This is one of those times musicians can exhibit the extent of their creativity by making songs that would truly protect their fans and the general public.

Budukusu once again exhibits an unparalleled skill as a rapper, and a musician. The song is best described as an innovative delivery of vital information.

Big ups to Quata Budukusu, KV Bangers & Bakus Entertainment for this ingenious piece of music.

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