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Empress Gifty Encourages Husband Hopeson Adorye Following Arrest: “God’s Plan Will Prevail” – Full Details HERE!

A supportive wife, who can find?!

Ghanaian gospel musician Gifty Adorye, also known as Empress Gifty, has offered words of encouragement to her husband, Hopeson Adorye, following his recent release from police custody.

Adorye was arrested and subsequently granted bail for 20,000 Ghana cedis by a Circuit Court on May 23, 2024, facing charges for the publication of false news.

In a heartfelt Instagram live session, Empress Gifty urged her husband not to let the arrest affect him psychologically, suggesting it might serve a beneficial purpose in his life. She drew parallels between his ordeal and the biblical story of Joseph, who was sold by his brothers only to rise to prominence in Egypt.

“God can use a moment of embarrassment to glorify Himself in your life. At times, individuals conspire to sully your reputation and inflict pain, but for me, such challenges fortify you, inspire ideas, and even lead to glorification,” she said in Twi.

Hopeson Adorye, smiling, responded, “That’s correct. That’s why I stated that what transpired has raised me to glory.”

Adorye’s arrest stemmed from a public statement he made, claiming he had detonated explosives in opposition strongholds in the Volta Region during the 2016 general elections.

He later clarified that the incident occurred in neighboring Togo and that there were no reports of explosions in the Volta Region before or during the 2016 polls.

Empress Gifty’s supportive message and the couple’s optimistic outlook have resonated with many, emphasizing the importance of resilience and faith in overcoming adversity.

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