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Event Review: Akesse Brempong’s Agape Carnival

Akesse Brempong successfully hosts the 5th edition of Agape Carnival.

After relentlessly throwing an invite to all and sundry for what would be a memorable day in the history of music concerts in Ghana, Akesse Brempong and the Tribe of Judah didn’t disappoint during the 5th edition of his annual flagship event, Agape Carnival.

From the onset of the event, patrons were pumped up for every delivery that was to come their way as majority of the audience were within a youthful age range, hence, by the time Paolo was done with his praise package, the loud chants of the people could be heard from several miles away from the Achimota Retail Centre.

Fast-rising gospel minstrel, Efe Grace, also lived up to expectations with her delivery of some soulful worship medleys that set the tone for an encounter with divinity.

Facilitated by Tv/Radio personality, Sokoohemaa  and host of Cold Facts on GNTV, Kwesi Dope, the running of the whole show was a smooth set of transitions in-between performances.

By the time Urban Gospel pioneer, Kingzkid, took to stage, the youthful exuberance of the crowd gathered was turned up to it’s maximum level as he led them through several hip hop jams with intrinsic lyrical compositions about the centre of attraction for the believer, Jesus.

All the way from the Oil city, KODA took to stage in the latter hours of the event and was his usual self in stirring up the audience with his indigenous guitar licks and local grooves as he dished out remixes of hits after hits.

The moment finally came for the host to thrill fans who had come from far and near to witness their artiste in his element.

Akesse Brempong and his band, the Tribe of Judah, mounted the stage preceded by an array of flag-waving models with a background jam of his signature bongo worship tune.

He started it off with some bongo worship and switched over to his regular Afropop hits, Wonderful and Crazy love.

He then transitioned into the main package for the night with yet another compilation of unrestrained worship songs of ancient Pentecostal roots that sank deep beneath the skin, piercing through the bones and marrows of even the unsaved, resulting in dozens of people surrendering their lives to Jesus when the leader of the Empowerment Worship Centre, Prophet Gideon Danso, intercepted the worship to do an alter call.

The reggae kingpin was in his element afterwards with a new tune that he might probably call ‘Oye’. It was a masterpiece to behold.

He continued with several other new songs that did justice to the Afrobeat genre of which music lovers should watch out for.

The ‘Crazy love dude’, crowned it all with an intense danceable jam that featured the dance moves of several of the patrons that he randomly called on stage to show their dance skills.

It was a night of unique interaction and socialization with the audience- something rarely seen these days within the Gospel fraternity during live shows.

The entire event could be termed as a major success with an undisputed title as the longest running live gospel outdoor event with the best sound production kind courtesy, Upswing Music.

Though the venue itself was too small for the numbers, it helped with crowd control and the adequate security measures put in place to ensure safety.

The time for commencing the event was appalling as is the case for most of such events as patrons were forced to stand for long hours waiting for the soundcheck to be completed before the show itself was underway.

The parking spaces for cars were carefully taken into consideration and although it was held on the car park of the Achimota Retail Centre, it didn’t conflict with the regular vehicular movements involved.

All in all, the entire duration of performances were on point and left patrons wanting more after the last chord was struck.

People just can’t wait for some good entertaining and spiritually edifying 6th edition of Agape Carnival.

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Event Review

VENUE - 7.6



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