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She doesn’t have to explain why she is wearing a ring- Arnold defends Joyce Blessing

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It was a state of pandemonium on the latest edition of UTV’s United Showbiz when pundits including A-Plus & Arnold Asamoah Baidoo rose to the defense of Joyce Blessing in relation to her marriage.

Disagreement characterized last weekend’s United Showbiz on UTV as the guests shared diverse views on Joyce Blessing’s firm resolve to not answer questions about her marriage nor a ring she wore to the show.

The marriage between the gospel musician and her manager Dave Joy became a subject for discussion in May 2020 after reports emerged that what started as a happy home had been marred by allegations of infidelity, leading to separation.

While no evidence has been given to substantiate the supposed act of infidelity, the issue remains topical as Joyce Blessing is continuously asked for updates whenever she turns up for media interviews and United Showbiz was not an exception.

The host of the show, Abeiku Santana, became fixated on Joyce Blessing’s ring as he sought to find out the reason behind her decision to put the ring back on her finger.

“You want to disrupt the show with this question”, responded Joyce Blessing who was clad in a body fitting Africa print dress with lace defined collar and mini sleeves. “Today, we will not talk about marriage.”

But an insistent Abeiku Santana said: “It appears you’re wearing another wedding ring. It’s sparkling; pure gold. It is a new one or the old one.”

Sticking to her initial remarks, Joyce Blessing said “I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s talk about how to win souls for Christ.”

That response elicited a quick rebuttal from Whitney Boakye Mensah, a panelist, who suggested to Joyce Blessing to grab the opportunity and clear doubts considering that her marriage became a national discourse.

“When you’re being asked about the ring, don’t just discard it”, Whitney noted but faced stiff opposition from colleagues Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo and Kwame A-Plus who argued that Whitney was going overboard.

Arnold maintained that it was erroneous for Joyce Blessing to be subjected to interrogation, stressing that she has the right to answer or decline. According to Arnold, the gospel musician owes the public no explanation as regards her marriage.

“Let’s not make it seem it’s mandatory to answer a question”, Arnold argued. A seeming uncomfortable Joyce Blessing, in the midst of the back and forth, removed the ring, emitting that “I’m tired of discussing my marriage”.

For about ten minutes, the conversation was on whether Joyce Blessing was to answer the question or not. Both Abeiku Santana and Whitney maintained that it was imperative she answered but Arnold and A-Plus vehemently disagreed.

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