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Hammer carries Red Eye (2Toff) to rehab; reveals the real reason he stopped music production!

Hats off to a true living legend!

Ace Music producer & head honcho of the Last Two Productions, Da’Hammer has taken Red Eye of 2Toff fame to a rehabilitation centre at Achimota in Accra & revealed reasons he quit music production.

The news comes after reports surfaced that the artiste was suffering from a mental health condition.

According to Hammer, he had chanced on the video which pushed him to take immediate action on the situation before it got out of hand.

“A week ago, somebody put out a distressing post on Facebook for a call to action on Red Eye from 2Toff about him being in a bad place and if care wasn’t taken, he would end up in a ditch.

“It was alarming, so some of us took up the task of finding him. We found him near the fishing harbour at Tema New Town, and we ambushed him and finally got him into a rehab [centre] in Achimota,” he said in a video.

In a new post, the legendary producer has asked industry stakeholders to financially support the half of 2Toff group, Red Eye, while adding that he was a real talent whose abilities can’t go to waste.

Furthermore, the celebrated music producer has publicised that he left music production because he was exhausted with the tedious nature of the job.

Speaking to Kafui Dei on GTV’s Breakfast Show, he elucidated that being stuck in his studio day and night made him feel like a prisoner.

“I was bored. I felt like a prisoner. I was locked up in a room with no windows for fifteen-plus years. The artistes come and go….these boys were out on stage jumping around. When they come back, you are still in that space,” he said.

“I sat down for 8 hours playing, making beats, producing, and it got boring at some point. So, I became like an uncaged dog when I got the chance to get out. That’s why you see me on the street,” he said.

Furthermore, he blamed his weight gain on the constant hours he spent in the studio, rarely getting any exercise at all.

“My name is ‘Slim The Hammer’ I wasn’t fat; I was an athlete in PRESEC. So, this business of becoming big was the studio,” Hammer said.

Hammer disclosed that after he stopped making beats, he ventured into other businesses and bread production.

He also added that to keep his touch on making beats, he has created a small studio in his house for his kids and himself to play around with.

“I have a small set up at home that my children use, so after the playing around, I want to get the thing back to my fingers. I’m gonna need some help though. It’s been 7 years since I touched equipment.”

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