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Dunsin deeply rooted in the hiplife game

Hiplife existence for over a decade now has changed the face of the music industry as it seems to rule it. Hiplife came about from Reggie Rockstone rapping in the Twi dialect but now the rap dialects have increased as Tinny raps in Ga, Chicago raps in Ewe, Kwaw Kese raps in fante with different rap styles, and Pope Skinny in Akuapem.

A new group who has just entered the hiplife is fusing three hot Ghanaian languages to set fire on the hiplife scene which is ‘Kwahu Twi’, ‘Krobo’, and ‘Akuapem’. The hiplife groups who have already entered the scene will have a difficult time trying to uproot this group after their album comes out.

Dunsin has vowed to stay in the hiplife game for long. The group which is made up of three members, that is Nkitiwah (Kwahu Twi rapper), Drent (Krobo rapper), and Omega a.k.a. Ntsakai (Akuapem rapper) are determined to make it big in the industry.

Next is the Ludacris look-alike Drent, who tried his rapping skills with three groups before meeting Nkitiwah. “I started performing on shows like Fun World, Fun fairs, and AIDS Awareness shows”, Drent told us. 

Ahmmed Kanneh Larweh a.k.a. Drent hopes his dad shows support in his musical career because he knows that he will make it a big one.  Aside doing music, Drent is also a young philanthropist and hopes to one day be a real estate developer.

Nkitiwah, the leader of the group wasn’t serious about hiplife and later showed interest after hiplife started becoming big. Nkitiwah, an old student of Labone Secondary School likes listening to all kinds of music, writing music, and swimming on his leisure time. 

Dunsin hopes to come out big by the year 2005. As of now, they have 4 hot master tracks titled ‘Osaayee’, ‘Meda Menda’, ‘Wano Ye Ya’, and ‘Kukua’. Their untitled upcoming album will have 8 songs on cassettes and 10 songs on CD.

Even though they are new to the music industry, they have some advice for those already in the music industry which are the producers should stop cheating the up-and-coming young artists. 

The dissing and beefing tracks should be stopped by MUSIGA. They want The President of Ghana, President Kuffuor, and the President of MUSIGA to promote Ghanaian music everywhere.

These boys have not yet come out with their album and are in search of a producer who will be in line with them and they could reach at 233 20 818 9459, 233 24 318 7441 (Nkitiwah), 233 21 411 327 or 233 21 411 328 (Drent) and 233 27 785 8464 (Omega). You can also email them at inninsin@yahoo.com to do business with them or wish them well.

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