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Piesie Esther lands in Israel for tour of Holy Land

Piesie Estherā€™s visit has been a resounding success.

Experiencing the land of Israel firsthand is a profound journey for some Christians, and gospel artist Piesie Esther has embarked on a remarkable tour of this sacred land.

Piesie Estherā€™s visit has been a resounding success. She visited the river where Jesus appeared to Peter after His resurrection and shared a meal of fish with him. 

Her tour also included a visit to the River Jordan, where Jesus was baptized and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him.

Reflecting on her experiences, “Experiencing the Garden of Gethsemane is a profound encounter with faith, reflecting on Jesusā€™ agony and resolve on the eve of His crucifixion.

Piesie Esther in Israel

It is a place of deep prayer, reflection, and connection to the heart of His sacrifice. I am blessed to have visited the land where Jesus walked and prayed“, Piesie Esther said.

Piesie Esther’s journey highlights the ways in which Christians are blessed and inspired by traveling to Israel. 

By walking where Jesus walked, studying and worshipping with fellow believers, and finding that the historical accuracy of the Bible is affirmed, she connects deeply with her faith on the Israel tour.Ā 

Her visit to Israel is a testament to the spiritual enrichment that comes from experiencing the Holy Land.

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